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Endless✥War | via Tumblr on We Heart It.
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A hardship and suffering is a blessing in disguise.It is a moment of test, a test that once you pass with patience, it will grant you rewards more than you can imagine. Once overcome that period of test will then just remain a memory of the past.
One should be joyous! That Allah is testing you! That Allah has given you an opportunity because Allah loves you and wants the best for you.
It is your patience that will get you through, because you have complete faith in Allah that HE will make it alright. There is nothing worth worrying about when your life is controlled and is in the Hands of Allah The Almighty, The Compassionate, The Most Loving. Run to Him for help.
Run to Allah to find solace that this time will be over, Run to HIM for that is what HE is testing you for.


kalau kau mahu

tapi cari dulu
bumi untuk sujud

sebelum bahu untuk
kau hambur segala
rencah rasa


Because i prefer to run.
Ya well im not macho enough to face them with an unhurt-face.
Yes, im offended.

Sebab kadang-kadang, rindu tu menyakitkan.
i tell you to not.

"cherish the moments, join new adventures."